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  • Commercial Hood Installation

    Captive Aire hood installation for Pizza and Sub shops

  • Old storage room into a bedroom with 2 walkin closets

    Two new walk in closets in an old storage room turned into another bedroom in the house.

  • End of Brick Store, before and after paintjob

    Added primer and two coats of paint, with a three-arch pattern on this store

Welcome to the McKean Handyman

First of all, thanks for stopping by our website. Here you will find all the help you need to Maintain and Upgrade your Real Estate. Whether you live in Bradford, Kane, Mount Jewett, Smethport or on any of the ‘backroads’ here in McKean County, we can help you keep your property looking good, and also help you maintain the things that make your property work. Above all, there are numerous ways to contact McKean Handyman around the site.

What Can We Do For You:

Because every piece of property, whether the owner likes to admit it or not, has Issues. Peeling Paint, Windows that won’t close, broken screens, switches that need replaced, a dripping faucet, etc. At McKean Handyman, we understand that even smaller home repairs can be a headache for someone struggling with a job, family and maybe some free time. Let us help you finally make your ‘to_do’ list a thing of the past.

The Dreaded *to_do* List and McKean Handyman:

Is your’s becoming the length of, say, The Declaration of Independence? Does it go in more directions than a New York City road map?

McKean Handyman to do list
Fill It In!

Or are you one of those caretakers of your Real Estate that ‘remembers’ everything that needs to be done around your property and never writes any of it down? We have a cure for what ails you here at McKean Handyman. It’s called our Reach Us page and above all, it will allow you to put into motion getting those things done around your Real Estate because that’s the only way it will happen.

Bradford Smethport, Why Waiting Could Cost You More:

Through all of my years in construction I have never seen a problem around a property fix itself. If you own a piece of Commercial or Rental Real Estate or a Residence, use those links. If you are a Realtor, please click Here These problems will not go away and you might even have a problem that your tenant/client doesn’t recognize as one.

A suddenly appearing ‘stain’ on the ceiling or walls, a touch of mildew or mold on an interior wall, a hot water heater that keeps going out, moisture on the inside of your windows. All of these things have a reason they are happening and I venture to say that 99% of those reasons aren’t good.

And if it’s a moisture problem, it will most likely lead to structural damage of some sorts if left unattended. Let McKean Handyman find ways to get your property in top shape.

Anyways, The Site Is Yours:

Cruise around the site if you are from Bradford, Smethport or the surrounding area, and see if we can be of service to you, now, or in the future. Visit the About Us page for a little background. Our Frequently Asked Questions page for some common answers and if you don’t find those answers to a question you might have, use our Reach-Us page or