Maintenance is the key to keeping a property healthy

McKean County Weather is Rough on Property

Every property I visit, residential or commercial, the same thing sticks out when I begin looking around. Beautiful property, but it could use some general maintenance. Stuff that can be fixed cheaply but is normally let go for any number of reasons and then turns into a major project. That’s just the way we are. With busy lives just to keep the mortgage paid, kids thru school, an unruly boss at work, etc., as long as it doesn’t affect the day to day of our life, we’ll get to it later. Let me help you nip these things in the bud.

We have a few clients that appreciate that outlook. We schedule a walk thru every year just to see what might be, or has broken down over the past year. If you are being honest, you have noticed them and they become a part of the ‘to-do’ list.

That list is what we use to ‘problem solve’, in the order you choose, to get and keep things running smoothly on a yearly basis. Granted, there are always emergencies that pop up, leaky this, worn out that, things you’ll notice and need fixed right away. Let me be the one to handle those also, but that yearly checkup is just as important. Give me a call or use the contact form, and let’s keep the single largest investment you make in your lifetime, operating smoothly and efficiently.


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