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Unless you are lucky enough to have a new home, many in and around McKean County are older homes and could use a little ‘push’ to get into the more modern look and feel. A new remodel of the kitchen, bathroom, even adding new flooring are a great way to spruce up your home and add some additional value to the property.

A ton of money is normally not required to make a room, or floor by floor, remodel possible. A well planned process is all it takes. From picking the cabinets to cleaning up the last bit of dust, McKean Handyman can make it work for you.

Kitchens, Bathrooms and New Flooring

Some due diligence in finding the best price on quality products for your remodel is so much easier with the help of the internet. Want new kitchen cabinets and counter tops, we can help find what you are looking for while getting the best price from across the country. Then we can take them to the local suppliers and see if they can work something out to get closer or meet the prices.

Just about anything can be ordered on line, delivered to your home and installed with the most up to date standards. A new bath…wait, tired of walking up the steps to use the bathroom, we’ve installed new 1/2 baths in locations folks have never thought about as a bathroom.

Need more storage in your existing kitchen, we’ve taken a location and built a pantry where no one else would think to put one.

So many new flooring options are out there today, from select hardwoods to vinyl planked flooring. And can be installed professionally without a major disturbance to your lifestyle.

You have a situation where you need something done within your home, give me a call and we’ll see what I can do. No obligation, no cost, but be ready, if you say do it, I’ll be right on it and schedule it in to fit your life.

A recent remodel of a kitchen

We did this work in the latter part of 2018 and the folks are very pleased with the way it’s turned out. Of course the first thing is to work out a schedule to get the work done. They happened to be going to leave for a few weeks and we scheduled it during that time frame.

We first had to remove the old cabinets. A mess for sure, but a needed one to move this kitchen into a much needed remodel.

For the new cabinets in this kitchen, the white shaker cabinets from the RTA Cabinet Store. RTA is Ready To Assemble of which they are easy to put together and since they come in boxes layed flat, much easier to store until you are ready to install.

In the picture at the top of this post, we had just the sink cabinet left to remove and now we have the new ones in place, leveled and ready for the new counter top.

All Kitchen Remodels are Different

Each remodel is a little different, but they all follow the same guideline, out with the old and in with the new. Folks chose to keep the upper cabinets as they were built in nicely and had plenty of the original trim still in place and looking good.

We left room for the new stove, in that vacant spot, then added an 18″ cabinet and make a little coffee or

breakfast counter on top of it. The counter top then wrapped into the dining room and could be used to have a bite to eat for a couple of people, or just read the morning paper with a cup of jo.

The folks appreciated using every available square inch of their kitchen and living space, for something useful and unique.

We used a double layer of 3/4″ MDF on all of the new cabinets along with this little nook area. One of the better products if you are planning on putting on a laminate type finish, and that’s what they had chosen.

The remodel moves onto the Laminate phase

First order of business is to cut and attach all of your ‘edging’ around the fronts and sides of the counter top. Used a table saw to rip enough 2″ pieces for the entire project.

I had ordered a 10′ x 60″ piece of the chosen laminate and cut/pre-fit the piece across the cabinets with the sink in it. We always like to do that so there are no seams in the laminate for water to try and work it’s  way into. After coating everything, the next step is to ‘lace’ the counter top with something, so that when you are trying to place the laminate down, the two separate coats of contact cement don’t touch each other until you have it where you want it to be.

Once contact cemented surfaces get together, they are almost impossible to get back apart. Here I used some lengths of 3/8″ vinyl rope.

Leaving just enough hanging over the edge so that when you get the laminate where you want it, you can start pulling the rope out to allow the surfaces to meet. After all the rope is removed, you take a laminate roller and give the puppy a good rolling over to make sure it’s all attached. You always want to leave enough of the top surface sticking over the face of the counter, so that you can use a router and flush bit, to make a real nice edge.

A kitchen breakfast nook

We left space for the new stove in this picture and installed an 18″ cabinet just to the left of where the stove would be. This allowed me to ‘wrap around’ a little counter top, with enough room for two to three bar stools and a place to enjoy a bite to eat of read the paper with a cup of jo to get the day going.

It was a design that really used all available space in the kitchen and didn’t interfere with walking into or out of the new space.

There’s also a receptacle, along with the light switches just above the counter, if that would be the choice place for folks to have a coffee maker and plenty of room for coffee and filters below.

Back Splash for the New Kitchen

A black, white and grey back splash was chosen for the kitchen, to accent all the colors of the cabinets, counter top, walls and flooring. If you have had any experience with these little glass tiles, you know they are not that hard to work with.

I put a layer of ‘blue’ painters tape and put it on the counter top along the back edge, up against the wall. The packages of tile, about 13″ x 13″ also had a cardboard piece in the pack, so I cut it in half and taped that along the walls of the counter top.

That was to keep any mortar from getting on the counter top, or at least that’s the plan.

Just apply the mortar to the wall, with a 3/16″ notched trowel, just enough to work two or three pieces onto the wall. These tiles have about an 1/8″ grout line between each, so you don’t want to put to many up without cleaning off the mortar from the ones already installed. Much tougher to clean is you let it dry.

We just started to install in that same corner and I was already liking the way it was starting to look. We brought it out flush with the front edge of the top and worked it back under neath the upper cabinets.

There was about a two inch gap at the top of the tile to the bottom of the cabinets, but we chose to get all the full pieces of tile up first and then come back an fill it all in.

These glass tiles can be cut with a regular tile cutter, or a wet saw. Since it was pretty cold outside and setting a wet saw up in the house was out of the question, we used a regular tile cutter and a pair of tile ‘niblers’.

You use a razor knife to cut out things like receptacles and switches, as the tiles are held together with a light mesh across the backs. Once you have the obstacles cut out, paste them up and come back and fill in any partial tiles so that the covers of the switches, etc. cover all the edges.

We finished across the back and it was starting to look like something.

A nice blend of white, black and grey to match the cabinets, counter top and flooring, not to mention the grey colored wall.

The new kitchen is accenting the grey luxury vinyl plank flooring that we put thru the entire lower floor of the home.


An here’s a picture of what it looks like along the wall with the stove and wrap around counter top on the

single cabinet.

You’ll notice that we are taking the tiles up to the hood that will eventually hang above the new stove. This will make the wall behind the stove so much easier to clean and maintain.

We also have some free standing shelving that will go into place on either side of the hood vent to add a little ‘flair’ to the kitchen.


McKean Handyman for Your Kitchen, Bathroom and Flooring.

We take pride in our work and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future. You can
or use my Reach Us Form or give me a call at 814 331-9216 to get the ball rolling on your kitchen bathroom or flooring remodel.

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