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Older Brick can be Painted to Give Your Building New Life

Paint Brick Store

Numerous jobs come along, that when you first discuss the project and get the basics down, little items stand out as an interesting thing to try. When I was first given the sheet of what they wanted the store to look like when it was finished, getting ‘there from here’ made the mind go to work. Had to do the work without the store being closed or customers hindered from going in and out. Pretty much ruled out any kind of  ‘spray’ equipment, because it would have been my insurance on the line.

And if you notice the pictures of the brick, the mortar joints were set over 1/2″ deep when the building was built, so any type of a roller would not get to the mortar. 3 to 4″ brush anyone? That’s what I decided on and off a helper and I go.

A few more looks at the store before we began work. You can click on an image to enlarge.
paint brick brush roller spray

how to paint brick

Preparation is the Key

We went after the years of dirt and efflorescence, that white, streaky look, with a stiff bristled brush and some water with TSP in it. We’d do about 10 square feet, scrub it good and rinse it well. We started at the tops of the walls and worked our way down. Some folks will do it the opposite so give them both a try.

After giving the old store a good cleaning and letting it dry, we tinted up some good exterior primer to a gray look. Much easier to cover gray than the white out of the can.

primer paint brick

An Added Surprise, Five Different Colored Arches

There was a series of five ‘arches’ that were also in the plan to put on the building. Three across this end of the building and two across the front. We used a string line and some red carpenters chalk and proceeded to draw them onto the building.

It happened that a security light was centered on the end of the building, so we used that as the center for our first archway. We then evenly spaced one more on each side of that center one.

all brick should be primed first McKean Handyman

To Put the Finishing Touches On

I sent the company the measurements for the arches so they could have custom signs made to go into each one. We had the building all primed and then all that was left to do was get two coats of the burgundy and cream colors applied to the building. Made that sound easy, huh…
painting a brick wall

First Coat of Paint on the Building

And here’s what it looked like after the first coat on everything. Again, the mortar joints were too deep to paint with a roller, so this was all accomplished the old fashioned way, with 4″ brushes. I did underestimate the amount of brushes as I would need by almost half, as that coat of primer ruined the bristles quickly.

It made quite a change to the 65yr old building. We also painted the facade and the soffits underneath, a complete paint job. Have to say it’s starting to take shape.
prime and paint brick

As always, the final coat went easier than the coat of primer and first coat of paint. Folks at the main office were happy and we received plenty of feedback from the public on how it now looks. Of course, we had some people that got right up to the individual bricks to see if the undersides all had paint on them and no mortar was missed. Proud to say, that after that first coat, it was ‘sealed’ up very well and the second coat was sticking to nothing but paint.

This is a finished picture of the end of the building as we were installing some of the sign package to it, dumpsters be darned!
always clean prime and paint brick

And a couple of pics around the front doors to the store.
painting brick primer and paint for brick

And one more across the front.
paint brick

What Can the McKean Handyman do for You?

Store is located in Little Valley NY, and still looks good today.

If your project isn’t located right in McKean County, don’t let that stop you from giving me a call or contacting me thru the ‘Reach Us’ link at the top of each page. Let me know where you are and what you’re project is and we’ll see if we can get together. And as always, feel free to leave a comment or question through the form below.

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