Best home weather station in my back yard and I'm facing north looking at it.

Best Home Weather Station

Your Own Weather Station

Very few things are as ‘handy’ as having your own home weather station in your back yard. And here’s what I consider the best home weather station.

Unpacking, Christmas in February

Most of the units today allow you to keep track of rainfall, humidity, dew points, wind speed and direction, etc. With a little extra work, you can even send your data to the internet for everyone to see.

With a home weather station you can choose to spend a little, or increase the budget to get a ‘do it all’ unit. We’ll try and help you get the best for your money.

As you can see in this first picture, I’ve unpacked the unit on my kitchen island since it was the dead of winter and cold, snowy outside. Turns out to be an impressive system with very few parts that actually do the work. I chose the Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus weather station and arrived on the 9th of February, 2011.

Local Weather at Your Fingertips

Where do you get your weather now? From the ‘local’ TV station miles away? An app on your phone that is most likely not real close to what your weather is doing? A combination of both? With one of the best home weather stations in your own back yard, you will now have local weather, even on your phone.

Using the data from your weather station

Many folks just like having their local weather at their fingertips, but I wanted to go little farther with mine. At first, all I wanted to do was to get my station data to Weather Underground, as they have a network of home weather enthusiasts around the world sending them data.

My site on WU is located here. My system updates to that site every few minutes and becomes a part of the local weather for Smethport Pa. They use the weather data to assist them in forecasts and along with the ability to look at my weather web cam to see what’s actually happening at my place.

Data is also sent to the home of backyard weather stations, the Gladstone site. Philip Gladstone began the site years ago to get weather data from backyard stations in the hands/computers of folks that could use the data for various reasons. They also analyse our data.

Another site for data gathering from home weather stations is FindU. My data, and that of thousands of other stations, is gathered and analysed for accuracy against any other stations that are in the region.

Meso West, located within the University of Utah, gets my data from CWOP and also does analysis and recording of the data for research in their weather department.

CWOP, the Citizens Weather Observer Program is the ‘Mother Ship’ for all things with your backyard weather station. They have all the info to help you purchase and install your weather station correctly. And disperse the data to folks that I even don’t know about. The ultimate authority!

McKean County Weather

The weather web cam pictures come from my next endeavor and that is my own personal weather website, McKean County Weather. From a computer in my basement that receives the data from unit, I update my McKean Weather site every 5 minutes with the current data.
best home weather station web cam
The Web Cam is a Hikvision IR Mini Bullet and is located on the back of my house, under an eave overlooking my back yard. This compact unit gives a wide view of the valley I live in and the hills that make up our section in McKean County. Nearing three years on the job and it has never given me a bit of trouble.

I also use scripts from the National Weather Service and numerous other weather folks to use and store data for the world to see. Links across the top of the page on the weather site take you to many different forecasting tools, databases of data, satellite views, radar and much more.

So Which weather station is the best for your home?

After a few weeks of looking at the numerous options, I chose the Davis Vantage Pro II Plus for my wants and needs. I also chose the wireless version as I wanted to put it in the middle of the back yard. This unit has two advantages, as it’s run on solar power so no electrical wiring is needed to operate and it transmits without wires or cables.

A console, included in the package, receives the data in my house. That console is then fed into my router, then to my computer in the basement and onto the web. It was one of the best, and most enjoyable investments I have ever made. And I believe I have learned a lot about different things that I would have never been led into since the purchase.

Other Weather Stations Out There

I’ve never purchased any other unit but have read about and read what people have written about, different units, and there’s one for just about anyone’s budget and wants. I have created a page that lists 10 of the best, for different reasons, and you can look at it here to get an idea what’s out there.

Also included are links to them on Amazon so you can see the real time reviews, learn the current price on each and hey, to be honest, if you happen to make a purchase, I could get a nickel or two. Honesty, right?

A Look at My Home Weather Station

You can take a look at my setup, from unpacking on the kitchen island, to it’s temporary location in the dead of winter in 2011 and to it’s final placement the following spring. Feel free to comment or ask any relevant question you may have. And if you live in the area, I can even be convinced to come and look at your location to help you choose the right location and unit.
All the Best!

Took longer to unbox it than to set it up
Bradford Airport(KBFD) is 7 miles up over that peak
Where it hung for the first two months

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