Best home weather station in my back yard and I'm facing north looking at it.

Your Own Weather Station Very few things are as ‘handy’ as having your own home weather station in your back yard. And here’s what I consider the best home weather station. Most of the units today allow you to keep track of rainfall, humidity, dew points, wind speed and direction, etc. With a little extra work, you can even send your data to the internet for everyone to see. With a home weather station you can choose to spend a little, or increase the budget to get a ‘do it all’ unit. We’ll try and help you get the best for your money. As youFull Post->>

vegetables in a raised bed garden

     Frankly, this is a project I did for my lady and myself back a couple of years ago. We have the normal square foot, raised bed type garden out back, but one day after doing some work for a convenience store, I had an idea for some left over parts they said I could have.        I removed about 60′ of an old vinyl covered canopy that hung inside a store over the counter tops. It had the store name and a few other things painted on it, but we were going to be putting in a new kitchen and aFull Post->>

paint brick store mckean handyman

Numerous jobs come along, that when you first discuss the project and get the basics down, little items stand out as an interesting thing to try. When I was first given the sheet of what they wanted the store to look like when it was finished, getting ‘there from here’ made the mind go to work. Had to do the work without the store being closed or customers hindered from going in and out. Pretty much ruled out any kind of  ‘spray’ equipment, because it would have been my insurance on the line.Full Post->>

new kitchen McKean Handyman

McKean Handyman Can Help with your remodel Unless you are lucky enough to have a new home, many in and around McKean County are older homes and could use a little ‘push’ to get into the more modern look and feel. A new remodel of the kitchen, bathroom, even adding new flooring are a great way to spruce up your home and add some additional value to the property. A ton of money is normally not required to make a room, or floor by floor, remodel possible. A well planned process is all it takes. From picking the cabinets to cleaning up the last bitFull Post->>


McKean County Weather is Rough on Property Every property I visit, residential or commercial, the same thing sticks out when I begin looking around. Beautiful property, but it could use some general maintenance. Stuff that can be fixed cheaply but is normally let go for any number of reasons and then turns into a major project. That’s just the way we are. With busy lives just to keep the mortgage paid, kids thru school, an unruly boss at work, etc., as long as it doesn’t affect the day to day of our life, we’ll get to it later. Let me help you nip these thingsFull Post->>