Your Commercial Real Estate

Whether it’s an apartment complex, a storefront on main street or a duplex in a neighborhood, your investment is just that. An investment in most cases you don’t even work or live in. You lease/rent out the properties to others, folks that might not be on the same page when it comes to keeping the property maintained or informing you of things that might be amiss. They don’t have the investment in the property that you do.

Maintenance. Specifically, *preventative* Maintenance:

There is no money better spent when it comes to your investment in a building then inspecting it at least once a year for things that might have changed. And there’s really no way to know this unless you crawl under it and through it, crawlspaces to attics, a good look at the roof. If you are handy and know what to look for, you could make the inspection yourself, no doubt, it’s not rocket science. But through my years, I have missed things, something I caught the following inspection but knew it had to be there the previous one. Once we do that first inspection, we will give you a comprehensive list of items that could/should be taken care of and we will list them in the order of importance in our opinion. Then you can make up your mind how to handle anything we find, knowing that none of those items will fix themselves. Hopefully your building is in great shape and nothing is pressing to get taken care of and we’ll be back next year for another look. Normally, there will be a few things that should be done, whether we do the work or not. We also offer taking a look at your property by the use of our licensed and insured Drone, enabling us to get pics normally not that easy to get around a property.

Yearly Inspection Cost:

There’s no way, even on the fabulous world wide web, that I can give you a fixed price for your individual needs. But I can say, that for the first inspection, it won’t be below $55.00 nor above $175.00 per property. That higher figure would be for a very large building but most inspections still stay under $100.00 for that first visit. The next year should probably be less than the first, since we will already have you on file and will have our notes from previous inspections. But we will still give you a thorough inspection from year to year.

It’s Up To You Now:

I will come to your property at no cost and give you fixed price for that first inspection, ready to perform it right then if you wish. But I would appreciate it if your tenants were given a day or more to be ready as I will leave no stone un-turned. In other words, you will be getting a free estimate of our inspection price to be scheduled when everyone involved knows it’s coming, so that gray haired guy is welcomed. Drop me a note or give me a call about your property and when it would be convenient to meet you there. If you are from out of the area just give me the address and I will go take a quick walk around and get back to you. Please use our Reach-Us page or