The Fun of Home Ownership

Well, most of the time it’s fun. But unless you are living in a new home with no wrinkles, each place I’ve ever been to has some issues. And with Residential Real Estate Maintenance, and all real estate, very few of those will ever correct themselves. And the longer they are put onto the back burner, the better chance they will boil over and cost you more money in the end.

All Those Little Things:

Make a list of these pains around your home, things you keep putting off for one reason or another. Set the list down for a day or two, add to or delete from said list and then get in touch with us. You are under no obligation and no one will hound you for a sale. I’m probably the worst salesman in the business, but I’ll be honest with ya. eMail or phone me about that *finally committed to paper* doctrine and we’ll have a chat.

Looking For A Little More With Your Estate?:

Tired of the way your bathroom has drifted away from the way you want it. Would rather have the tub against that wall and move the sink over here? Ready to make the family room into what you wanted for the last few years, but were afraid to ask? Ready to replace or reface your kitchen cabinets and countertops? Wondering how an ‘island’ would look in your kitchen? Ready for that -deck of your dreams- to compliment your back yard?

Increasing the value of your real estate, while investing your money in something ‘a little closer to home’, is money well spent. Ready for that addition, let’s do it. Need some new flooring, new siding around the house, replace the worn out windows, new cabinets in the den?. Let’s do it. It won’t cost you a dime for us to get together.

Residential Real Estate Inspection and Maintenance:

Just like the human body or an automobile of your choice, every thing benefits from a checkup and some regular maintenance. McKean Handyman offers this service for anyone that owns a piece of property. The initial inspection is scheduled and I come to your home or rental property and give it as thorough a look over as possible.

You will receive a list of things that were found and I will include a price, if you wish, to get them all taken care of. I will also note things that really should be done to prevent or stop anymore damage, whether we do the work or not. All for free, no cost to you(well, maybe a cup of coffee).

We’ll even take pictures of your home with our drone if you wish. We can get a look at your roof on your real estate, without ever leaving the ground. If you have a few acres, or not, we can take a video of the property for you, something you can share.

It’s In Your Court:

Cruise around the site and see if we can be of service to you, now, or in the future. I can almost bet your real estate could us a little work. Visit the About Us page for a little background. Our Frequently Asked Questions page for some common answers and if you don’t find those answers to questions you might have, use our Contact a Handyman page or eMail Us with your questions and that aforementioned Doctrine. Please use our Reach Us page or